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Phased Array UT



Tejas specializes in UT inspections for bulk raw material of various grades and configurations. Our patented Phased Array UT process for seamless tubing gives you the best chance possible for finding material defects.

Phased Array UT is a drastic improvement over traditional UT. UT utilizes one wave of sound sent into the material at one specific angle (determined by the part configuration). This single angle at times does not reflect appropriately after contacting a defect, allowing rejectable defects to pass the inspection. Our patented PAUT process for seamless tubing uses 30 different angles in a constant sweep throughout the material. This greatly increases the chances of an accurate inspection because the wide variety of angles used means that the inspector may see previously undetectable defects. It also allows the operator to more accurately size defects previously seen but mistakenly evaluated due to flaw orientation.

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