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Magnetic Particle Inspection


Magnetic particle inspections are a type of surface NDE that is primarily used to detect surface defects. A magnetic field is produced in the area of inspection and tiny metallic particles are applied. Disruptions in the surface (or near surface) can create areas of magnetic leakage that will attract the magnetic particles. The build-up of particles is observed by the technician and evaluated for rejection.

Magnetic particles can be applied as a wet solution (oil or water-based) or dry powder. Both mediums can be visible or fluorescent. Fluorescent particles require the use of a special light in an area with controlled ambient light. The magnetic field can be induced via AC/HWAC/DC current depending on the types of defects expected.


Material to be inspected must be ferro-magnetic (a magnet will stick to it). Surface must be clean and free of any grease, oils, dirt, and other contaminants. Additional fees may apply if our technician cleans material. Minor rust or non-conductive coatings less than .002″ thick are permissible. For inspections at your facility, please have material located near (within 50 ft.) an electrical outlet. Inform us in advance if this is not possible.

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