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Hardness testing is an evaluation of a given material’s resistance to deformation. It is commonly used to assess other qualities that are generally related to the hardness value (ductility, tensile strength, etc.).

Brinell Testing (HBW)

The OD of a tube or bar will have approximately 1/8″ of material ground down to create a flat spot. A test device will hydraulically apply 3000 kgf to a 10 mm tungsten carbide ball bearing. The indentation left behind will be measured with a microscope to the nearest .01 mm and converted to a Brinell value.

Rockwell Testing (HRB, HRC)

Rockwell indentations, in comparison to Brinell, are much smaller and hardly noticeable which makes it a great option for finished machine parts. Our tester is semi-permanently installed in our lab, meaning that we can only accommodate smaller pieces that can be hand carried.

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